Bibb County School District says they learned a lot from the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – December 14th, 2012 is a day that will forever be a part of U.S. History.

Twenty children and six adults lost their lives, while at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That day encouraged schools across the country to prepare for the worst and improve their security.

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David Gowan, the Director of Safety and Security for the Bibb County School District, said it’s important to him to keep your children safe at school.

“I care professionally. This is my profession, but I’m also a father, a dad. Anytime there’s a school tragedy as a parent, you think about your kids, so that causes you to redouble your efforts because you are a parent,” Gowan said.

He said all Bibb County Schools practice fire and severe weather drills, but also evacuation drills that deal with dangerous situations like a shooting.

“That’s a drill where students are already outside for a classroom or they’re playing on the playground and there’s danger outside and they need to evacuate back in the building, ” Gowan said.

He said Bibb County Schools are required to lock their doors, have visitors show I.D. before entering the building, and to show I.D. to check children out.

Principal Sarah Carlson said keeping students safe is her biggest priority.

“In order for them to be safe because times have changed than it was when I went to school, these safety measures do have to be put in place,” Carlson said.

Gowan said he wants parents to know Bibb County is always evaluating their security.

“When Sandy Hook occurred, you know that caused us to look again at our strategies at our procedures, look for any structural changes we might need to do,” he said.

Sandy Hook Elementary School closed down after the shooting in 2012, but the city opened a second Sandy Hook last year.