Former Georgia Mayor charged with Insurance Fraud


FRANKLIN, Georgia – The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s Enforcement Division is looking for business owners who may have purchased insurance from Yates Insurance Agency.

The owner and former mayor of Franklin, 45-year-old Michael “Brad” Yates, is facing more than 30 counts of felony insurance fraud and 1 felony count of false statements to a state law enforcement agency.

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The Enforcement Division says Yates took premium dollars for workers’ compensation insurance policies that were never issued and then issued his clients fake certificates of insurance as proof that they had workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Investigators say one of the fake certificates created by Yates cost a contractor more than $30,000 in additional premiums

Authorities believe that Yates fraudulently took over $14,000 in premiums from his victims.

He was taken to the Heard County Jail.

If you’ve done business with Yates Insurance Agency, you should call 404-657-7285 or 800-533-0682.