Peach County to appeal call in AAA championship game


FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Peach County will appeal the controversial call made in Friday’s AAA championship football game, according to school principal Ken Hartley and football coach Chad Campbell.

Trailing 10-6 and facing 4th and 8 with less than four minutes to go, Peach quarterback Antonio Gilbert completed a pass to Noah Whittington. Whittington took two steps and lunged forward, extending the ball across the goal line. It appeared to be a touchdown, but the referee at the goal line ruled the pass incomplete.

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“They’re going to hear from us Monday,” Campbell said by phone Saturday. “We’re going to be heard at the highest level.”

When asked what specifically they’ll request from the GHSA Board of Trustees, Campbell said “we just want to be heard.”

Calhoun won the game 10-6 to clinch its third state title in seven years.


  • Trey Pierson

    Make sure you review the entire play and just the completion…the receiver appears to step out of bounds and then come back inbounds to make the reception. If this is the case the receiver was ineligible.

    • Trey Pierson

      not just the completion

      • Chuck Wheat

        I watched it over and over… I never saw him go out.. But i have learned that just bc things “appear” to be something, it doesn’t always make it so…

    • Tony Little

      If he stepped out of bounds,the referee should have dropped his hat singaling he stepped out,that would made it illegal touching by him..

  • T.c. Ledbetter

    Sounds like snowflakes to me… Ref’s make calls people do not like, sometimes wrong calls, but that is part of the game… Suck it up and play again next year. The crybaby generation strike again….

    • Justin Bryant

      Go watch the play, throughly. Then come back and comment again with actual details about the play, THEN make your comments about the refs. After that read what you just wrote. Then you will see how “off” your above comment is.

      • T.c. Ledbetter

        Why? The ref made a call, be it right or wrong, and that is the way the game goes. Sorry snowflake, just because you do not like it is no reason to cry about it. Mistakes happen in life, accept it and learn.

  • Tellit22

    If you want to read current news, as in last nights or today’s, this is not the website to find it.

  • T.c. Ledbetter

    Maturity also means accepting the situation and not crying because it did not go your way. If someone cannot accept loosing then play a sport that does not keep score. If the term snowflake offends you then chances are it applies. Someone has to win or loose at sports just as in life. Maybe instead of crying about it, learn from it and get on with winning next time. STOP the blame game,,

    • Justin Bryant

      You continue to miss my (and everyone else’s) points, in addition to being part of the problem. I have nothing left to say to you. God bless.