Family runs the Royal Hanneford Circus at the Georgia National Fair


PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Imagine if you had to work with your family everyday. It could be a nightmare or a fun experience.

For Adrian Poema and his family, they enjoy working together.

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Adrian Poema and his wife, own the Royal Hanneford Circus.

“I was born in the circus and that’s all I know how to do, just circus,” Poema said.

Adrian Poema’s father taught him everything he knows about the circus world and he passed that knowledge down to his children.

His four children are all 8th generation circus performers.

“It’s nice, I mean you cannot compare to any other job, you know it’s something that day to day you work together, you practice,” he said.

Poema said his children didn’t have to perform in the circus. It was up to them to chose.

Adrian’s daughter Catherine, who’s now 21, said she’s always wanted to be in the circus since she was a little girl.

“We just watched our moms and our dads, our aunts and uncles perform, and it made us like want to do it too,” she said.

Her brother, Adrian Jr., enjoys the happiness his family brings to others.

“We all bring joy to, you know families and stuff, and we show them things they don’t usually see,” he said. “Just the fact that we do it as a group, and a family, and close friends, you know its something unordinary. ”

The Royal Hanneford Circus started in 1957. It’s been passed down from generation to generation.

Now Poema and his wife own the circus, so it’s important for them to carry on the legacy of putting on a good show for other families.

“When they get really loud and they’re clapping, that’s what’s our pay off, you know that’s what we hope, and that’s what we get every performance.”

With hard work, dedication, and your family, the Poema’s say working together is easy.

You can join in on the Poema’s family fun every night at the fair at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00 p.m.

The circus is free with your general admission.