Sponsored: Accidents with Big Rigs Are Deadly


Accidents between cars and 18-wheelers are some of the worst because there is so much weight involved. A big-rig can weigh ten times more than what your vehicle weighs, and even more depending on what they’re carrying.

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When you have that kind of weight, injuries and death are substantial. There are professional drivers operating the trucks, but when an accident happens, given the weight differential between the vehicles, the damages are often times severe and can be deadly, as well.

If the driver was in the line and scope and acting as an employee of the company who hired him, that would make his employer liable for any damages or injuries. However, if the driver was double-logging, on medication, or driving longer than approved, that can change things.

For long-haul drivers, the more you haul, the more distance you travel – the more money you make. Whether that’s condoned by the company or done by the driver, him or herself, it can be a problem when litigating.

Fatigued driving is almost as bad as driving under the influence. We resolved several cases last year, 18-wheeler wrecks, and they’re substantial. But the best thing is to not be involved in one. And there are things you can do to increase your chances of avoiding a wreck with a big rig.

  • Give them plenty of room
  • Don’t go around them if you cannot see clearly
  • Use your flashers. Make sure you’re using signals to let them know your intent
  • Make sure they can see you if you’re attempting to pass

You would rather not have a case and survive than to get in their way and put yourself in harm’s way. That is not to say that you’re causing the wreck, but it is much better to be safe than sorry when on the highway with 18-wheelers.

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