Allergy season: best practice for staying in the clear


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – It’s spring time which means that pollen season is in full effect.

Contrary to that urge you may have to open all the doors and windows, there are a few easy ways to get some ‘fresh air’ right under your nose.

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“Typically, we see folks coming in this time of year, allergies, seasonal allergies, change in the weather, change in pollen, pollen counts are on the rise,” said Respiratory Specialist Valerie Fox.

Specialists at Navicent Health broke down some of the ways you can unintentionally trigger your allergies.

“We see a lot of people try and invest in an air filter and those types of things–in some cases they’re not so good and it may not affect some patients at all,” she said.

Fox says even actions as simple as opening the doors and windows in your home could make the spring season a lot tougher on your sinuses.

“You’ll see a change in the people trying to get more openness and air and just trying to enjoy the weather and the change but that can be an issue if you’re letting in pollen and dust and you have a trigger to that”

Another way to help keep your sinuses in the clear–doing a little spring cleaning.

“As people begin to come into the spring, they want to open up the doors, open up the spaces and clean any kind of dust away or cob webs.”

Fox says what’s most important is knowing your triggers and having a physician to help determine what steps to take–not Google.

“If allergy season is a big issue for you with changes in pollen the temperature, your best bet is knowing what those triggers are and trying to avoid them. If you can’t avoid them, you need to be visiting with a physician,” Fox added.

Specialists say even though two-thirds of people with asthma also suffer from seasonal allergies, symptoms can often get mixed up. That’s just one more reason not to take to Google for a diagnosis.

Visiting an allergist or talking with your family physician is a great way to put your allergies at ease this season.