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JEFFERSONVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Twiggs County Middle students are putting their pencils down and taking a new approach to giving teachers feedback during class.

“The teachers came up with something new and came up with being creative and it’s a fun way of learning,” seventh grader Jaylon Woods says.

Teachers are using technology to capture students’ attention in class.

“Students learn different ways and we’re trying to make sure we tap into all of their different learning modalities and technology is just one of the ways,” Academic Coach Rise Jenkins adds.

Teachers are using ‘Plickers’, an assessment tool that lets them know whether the students are understanding concepts and mastering key skills. The app can be downloaded on cellphones, iPads or similar electronic devices.

“Everybody have their own card and it’s like a different code on it and the teacher, he or she will call out a question and you’ll hold up your card and the teacher will use their phone and scan around the class and it will tell her what percentage got it right and what percent got it wrong,” seventh grader Terence Rouse explains.

Math teacher Ranada Woodley says she uses ‘Plickers’ a lot, and loves that she can get immediate feedback in case students need extra help in certain areas.

Woodley adds, “I use my cellphone because that’s how I’m actually grading what they say. The cards have little A, B, C, D embedded there so they can’t look at the next student they choose, it’s hard to determine.”

‘Plickers’ is being used in most classes at Twiggs County Middle. Instructors say it’s a new updated model for a traditional scan card. For students, it’s a creative way to engage in class participation.

“You don’t have to wait a long time bubble in questions and constructive responses, you can just pick your answer,” says seventh grader Savannah Roby.

Seventh grader Anala Bond adds, “It’s fun and educational and I think it’s very cool that you get to interact while learning.”

This is the first year the school used ‘Plickers’. Administrators and teachers focus more on technology to help students continue to be engaged inside of the classroom.

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