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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The University of Georgia is somewhat important in this state. A lot of you who are watching are perhaps fans of UGA.

I happen to be an alumni of UGA. Wednesday night the men’s basketball team will play in the NIT – a consolation prize for not being one of the top 68 teams in the country.

Now, you likely know how good high school basketball is in this state. You tell me – is it right for the University of Georgia to not have one of the 68 best basketball teams in the country? How about this – is it unusual for Georgia to not have a win in the NCAA tournament in the last 15 years and to have only two appearances in the big dance in the eight years Mark Fox has been the head coach?

It’s just embarrassing. That’s what it is.

I was told Tuesday by someone who knows the UGA program better than I do that it makes sense for Fox to come back next year, since he’s got a great recruit – perhaps one of his best – coming in. But we could say that every year – “Oh, wait, don’t fire him now. He’s got this big 5-star coming in that will save the program.” – Yeah, right. Mark Fox has had eight years. That’s enough. Give someone else a try. See if someone else can do better than what’s happened under Fox.

This year, Fox’s team was supposed to be a very good SEC team. But they went 1-9 against teams in the top 50 of the RPI rankings. Yet, last week athletic director Greg McGarity came out in support of Fox. Look, we know football is king in Georgia. Bulldogs’ fans are more interested in Brice Ramsey transferring and what that means to the football team than anything to do with the basketball team. And yet it still makes no sense why this basketball program is so mediocre, and why that is acceptable to McGarity and to Georgia fans.

Wait – the problem is – Georgia fans just don’t care anymore. They gave up on basketball a long time ago, which is a shame. Fans that cared enough about the football program forced McGarity to fire Mark Richt, when he was too much of a coward to do it himself.

Maybe they’ll force him to fire Fox, unless that great recruit saves Fox and they’re stuck in mediocrity forever. This guy is not going to get it done, and maybe there will be enough people that care who will actually say mediocrity is no longer acceptable.

Then again, spring football starts this Sunday, so who cares?

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