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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Kathleen and Kenneth Mano are dealing with the loss of their son in a shooting in Macon Thursday.

“It’s a feeling I really can’t describe in words. I don’t think any parent losing a child can describe the feeling,” said Kareem Mano’s father, Kenneth.

“Right now I’m so weak, I’m sick, I’m trying, I’m trying to understand what is going on if he’s really gone because I cannot get over it,” said Kareem’s mother, Kathleen.

Their son, 25-year-old Kareem Mano, died after being shot during an argument over a cell phone at a Bloomfield gas station.

“My son pulled a gun out first,” said Kenneth. “Someone pulled out a gun on you, the truth is you would be feeling threatened. But for it to  escalate. How did my son who was walking away, get shot.”

Another member of the Mano family was shot dead and robbed as he waited for a bus in Brooklyn, New York in 2003.

“I feel like I’m in hell right now, I’ve been through that, now I’m going through it again,” said Kathleen.

Kareem’s accused killer is in jail.

Officials from the Bibb County Sheriff’s said they arrested 20 year old De’Andre Thomas for killing Kareem Mano. Thomas has been charged with Murder.

Kareem’s infant son will never know his father.

The Mano family said they will lean on their faith and friends to help them through another tragedy.


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  • Za ch

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    • ChoMama

      Said by the neanderthal from the Caucus Mountains.

      • Dave O.

        is it worse to be a racist or a gun-toting thug?

        • ChoMama

          Here’s a third option, Both(Read how America was discovered).

    • 7TreSqueez

      It’s you uncivilized Neanderthals that are the real thugs who have killed and raped more in world history than all other people combined yet make up only 9% of world population

      • Clarence Worley

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          • Digio

            Then I am all for being a inbred. I am plenty educated and pretty much know that the kind of language you are using to argue some ridiculous, narrow minded view- is pure garbage.

  • akarta beeeeeeeep

    Shame on you NBC, for even given this family airtime……..
    this family looks inbreed…

    Chomama shut up, your not a queen of anything, your probably also inbreed….
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      • Clarence Worley

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      • Digio

        Black men have presents? I like them more already.

        • Alpo esco

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    • 7TreSqueez

      You’re OBVIOUSLY uneducated/miseducated in world history, economics, politics and biology. People are waking up like never before and learning the truth. Normal humans don’t believe or listen to rapists, killers, thugs or pillagers anymore. It’s all coming to light

  • If you pull out a gun you better be ready to use it, if not, then don’t play gangster.

  • OG_Locc

    “How did my son who was walking away, get shot.”

    Um, because he pulled a Tec-9 out of his pants and threatened somebody with it. Maybe ask the court system why De’Andre was cruising the streets stealing phones and shooting people, 6 months after being arrested for using a gun to steal from people.

  • Calistress

    Mano brought it on himself. That fat chick should be in jail – she was an accomplice to an attempted robbery of De’Andre Malik Thomas. Thomas was justified in protecting himself.

  • Michael L. Becker

    Bad parenting. Clearly self-defense. Looks from the video like Mom was the getaway driver.

    • J mills

      Funny lol

  • Milosz Vera

    He deserved it, Point blank… pun intended.

  • I’m not racist my dog is black

    He didn’t just walk way he tried to go into the other guys pockets

  • Clarence Worley

    Well if you didn’t raise you kid to be a thug he might still be alive.

  • OG_Locc

    Oh by the way, Kareem was a convicted felon, who had already been arrested previously as a felon in possession of a firearm. And yet he was still on the streets – with a firearm – brandishing it.

    It’s almost as if gun laws don’t stop criminals from acquiring and using guns.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Bullets travel.
    Jus cuz a guy walks away don’t mean he can’t turn around and shoot.

    This other kid shouldn’t serve a day!

  • Genius

    The guy with the tec-9 is a known criminal, the guy who killed him is a known criminal. There WILL be time done, but it will be for manslaughter and not murder., and for possession of a gun illegally, which in and of itself can get him put away for 10 years.

  • puffnuggets

    if u look close at the video he was pulling the gun back out

  • Tayurd O Liberal Sumbeeyachs

    your animal son deserved to die

    • One-Nez

      I hope your cat dies

    • Lacey

      You’re very ignorant and I hope when you die folks has nothing good to say about you. Kill Yourself

      • Janet Smith

        Is the dead thug one of your baby daddies? Don’t worry,your EBT card will still get money put on it next month.

  • boohoojohnny

    Only way this situation goes from good to better is if the dipship that died fired back and kills the other guy

  • Crip

    So this article was written up by NBC, and these idiots don’t know the difference between “they’re” and “their”? Lmao wow this is beautiful!

  • Les Morpions

    Mano was not “walking away”. This was not over a phone. He was trying to take a gun from Thomas. Mano pulled a gun first and waved it around. Then he kept bumping into Thomas and grabbing for Thomas’ gun, then started to pull his gun out again. Thomas had enough and capped his arse. Video is out there on LiveLeak in full. Mano died with his gun in his hand. Like a little beech.

    These are just another gaggle of non-parents who won’t accept that their miscreant son lived a thug life and died a thug death.

  • Cat Daddy

    Neither one of those idiots needed weapons…they should have shot at the same time, and both caught rounds in the forehead.

    • Jared Keplinger

      You’re a special one aren’t you, sure the same goes for you jerk.

  • Digio

    The parents are just as immature as these idiots. They are like adult teenagers unwilling to accept their felon son as irresponsible and completely at fault for his death. The other kid, not sure if he is a previous felon, had plenty of grounds to defend himself. But please, don’t go to the media claiming he didn’t deserve to be shit….He put himself in this situation.

    • ThaRealist StudioGangster

      They both had no real chance in life once they chose to be about that life. This is just more evidence that the Real Ni%$& and Thug Life life style only brings death and prison time

  • Morris Johnson

    Did they not see him continue to persue the other kid….. pull a gun use it or sleep in that box he put himself in that position i cant have sympathy for him

  • Will Ginthner

    No , you pull a gun out with an extended clip, it’s self defense at moment going forward. the guy should not be in jail due to the other guy starting problems with a gun in hand shown less than 20 secs within confrontation.if my life were threatened it would be the same result except a lot quicker

  • Jared Keplinger

    Walking away?! Are you blind he tried to grab the other guys gun, AFTER he had pulled out his own. NO WAY I’d leave any chance that he’d fire back at me or mine, I’d empty the magazine into him just the same, that’s a freakin TECH 9.

  • aj

    I’m sorry but the killer SHOULD not be in jail. When did Karem walk away? I’m confused. Somebody pulls out a big gun on you your going to defens yourself period and I hope he beats it. People should teach their kids to leave people alone

  • Sorry for your loss

    A TECH 9 is a gun you go to war with not a protection weapon. The supposed victim didn’t walk away he was going in the shooters pocket to take the money he threated for.

    • Sorry for your loss

      If any time is served by Thomas it will be for illegally carrying a weapon; the is guy is 20 years old. He’s not old enough to purchase a weapon, not to mention if that illegal weapon has other bodies on it. To all the ignorant commenters out there watch the video close before embarrassing yourself. Its better to let people think you’re an idiot then to open your mouth and prove you are. This is an example of not think through an already bad situation.

      • Yea

        No he kept shooting as the guy ran away…overkill. It’ll be 2nd degree or manalaughter

        • ThaFlatlinerz Allstarz

          MIt is self defense. You are allowed to COMPLETELY end the threat. He was by law able to shoot until he was sure that is was NO chance of retaliation by the machine gun that was brandished at him.

          • Yea

            No you’re not, once the person is disabled and unable to hurt you hence the running away and you’re able to get away then that’s what you do, otherwise he wouldn’t have been arrested. You think you saw something the cops didn’t? But I’m speaking from intelligence and the law not street code

          • Baggy!

            Yeah if I got shot I’d definitely shoot back… better kill me or expect a hail fire of bullets your way

          • Yea

            Well he didn’t so that makes a difference

          • Janet Smith

            You keep repeating your ignorant comments.Are you a jailhouse lawyer? You act like one.

          • Yea

            I see you must know a lot about the jailhouse. Jail its are you? Or half your family and friends in slammer? GTFOH, I’m presenting the argument as to why he was arrested based on my knowledge. People want to talk hoodology. Quit being stupid

          • Pete O’k

            Self defense 100%. If you were speaking from intelligence, you would know that just because he was arrested does not make him guilty. Btw, if De’Andre had been a police officer, this wouldn’t have even made it to trial. He would have gotten paid leave. Double standards for Police.

          • Yea

            Umm you sound stupid…I said that’s why they arrested him not cause he’s guilty. Reading is fundamental and don’t police bait me with your stupidity

    • SudsMaster

      A TEC 9 is simply a semiautomatic pistol no different than any other.

  • Hollywood

    Clearly a self defense situation.

    • Raheem Washington

      When a cop kills anyone who owns a gun then they are justified according to you. “Oh look that guy owns a gun, we can justly shoot him to death.” huge difference between pullout out a gun and pointing it or even keeping your hand on the trigger as though you are about to use it….the dude int he red had intentions to use his gun the entire conversation.

  • Yea

    Self defense isn’t chasing him once you already shot him and then running away. Had he shot him once or twice but once he pursued him after he was running shot he had time to get away; pursuing him continuously shooting is what they call overkill

    • ThaFlatlinerz Allstarz

      It is self defense. You are allowed to COMPLETELY end the threat. He was by law able to shoot until he was sure that is was NO chance of retaliation by the machine gun that was brandished at him.

      • Yea

        No you’re not…self defense does not mean kill. GTFOH. Otherwise sweetheart, he wouldn’t have been arrested after viewing the video. You sound ridiculous but maybe I’m speaking as a law school graduate and not hoodologist

        • actually it does when the guy initiated the conflict with the use of an automatic smg … clown shoes.

          • SudsMaster

            Yeah, a TEC 9 is not a submachine gun.

          • Yea

            You’re foolish

          • Yea

            Ok, you know what you don’t know…cool?

        • Janet Smith

          If you’re a law school grad,you must have attended Con College.

          • Yea

            Where you go? Clown school…gone with your stupidity and foolishness

          • Yea

            People that know it all and don’t usually look at all aspects of a situation usually end up right where he is, hope you got someone to put ramen noodles on your books

        • FitnessMethods Houston

          The elimination of a threat is subjective. In the situation though, most people would fire shots until the suspect is completely down. Just because you shoot once or twice doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to turn around and fire back. You definitely don’t want to leave that to chance. On the other hand, if the other guy had a knife and was running away after being shot, he couldn’t justify shooting him so many more times.

          • Yea

            Just cause most people would do it, doesn’t make it legal

          • Yea

            I’m sorry, no it’s not…there’s a LEGAL standard not a subjective standard; hopefully he has jurors like you that disregard the law completely and don’t think it out and come to the same conclusion or that think with hoodology. As I stated before I’m just giving the prosecutions perspective and what they will argue. I get what everyone THINKS but I’m presenting legal facts

          • FitnessMethods Houston

            Think with hoodology? That’s laughable. I bet you would also argue that these two thugs are contributing members of society.

          • Yea

            Yea, that’s exactly what I’m arguing…reading is fundamental

      • We Put Respek On Our Own Name

        I agree. He could have been in fear that the guy would start shooting that stick at him

    • Raheem Washington

      Pulling a gun on somebody also isnt when you pull out a gun during an argument and never point it at anyone. You pull it on someone the moment you point it or make demands in light of showing that you have it. he clearly put it back in his pants and did keep his hand on it whatsoever like the dude in the red who clearly had his hands on the trigger the whole time.

      • Yea

        What? You don’t even make sense

      • Yea

        Hunny, tell that to the many women who’ve been defenseless against a man and have fired shots and are serving time. I’m not saying it’s fair or right, I’m explaining the other side, the argument, and the law. When you can escape you do, you don’t chase the person down. There is a very fine line between self efense and overkill and they obviously feel they crossed that line, hence him being arrested. Google it, look it up, and educate yourself before you end up in the same situation depending on YOUR logic as opposed to what will hold up in court

    • BLK Vegeta

      I feel you, but you KNOW this guy has a big tech 9 in his waist band and he had it in his hand as he was running. In the spare of the moment you want to make sure he doesn’t turn around with it.
      Besides that, did you not see his pull it out and threaten him with it? Did you not see him reach for his pockets before the other kid pulled out?
      Not a lawyer but it looks like self defense.

      • Yea

        It was initially self defense until he overdid it. You can’t pursue once the threat is terminated, hence the guy was shot and running away. He didn’t have it in his hand as he was running, he attempted to grab for something and dude shot him. He can say he thought he was grabbong for his gun and that will make a difference, the guy was holding himself as he ran and he chased him. 9 out of 10 no one is going to turn around and shoot at you while shot in the chest. Then he didn’t shoot one or two more times it was several which they’re going to say went from self defense to murder

        • the big homie number 1

          how is the threat terminated when your shooting at a person with a mac ten… yeah he killed him but in self defense.. it didn’t seem like it was his first rodeo.. sign that boy up for middle east asap..

          • Yea

            If you can’t read, I can help you. I’m not reexplaining it

        • Jon Smith

          when is self defense ever been “over did” ??

          • Yea

            It’s called overkill, google it

      • Yea

        And then it’s gone boils own to, why he put himself in a violent situation…that’s what the prosecution will argue

    • locshunglo

      The first lesson you learn is shoot to stop not shoot to injure. Had he shot once and stopped the other guy could have returned fire. The loss of life is a sad thing but he brought this on himself. Had he not first pulled a gun there is a good possibility he’d still be alive today.

      • Yea

        Ok, well use that logic in court and we shall see how far you get looking at that video with the man rinning awa. They’re going to say he had ample time to escape instead of pursuing him, hence the charges..

        • locshunglo

          he was gonna die from the first shot anyway caught him in the chest. You have the right to defend yourself until the threat is either no longer a threat or two you are able to escape without fear of harm. He was unable to escape without fear of life cause had he stopped shooting he could have shot back

          • Yea

            Keep believing that…wait until the outcome of the case or what the prosecution says. He chased him when he could’ve ran away. I’m talking legalistically and not hoodology

          • locshunglo

            you’re talking foolishly. He’s black prosecution gonna have a field day with him anyway. he had a gun with on conceal to carry permit but he had a gun and is black so we all know what the legal system will do for him HE’S BLACK

          • Yea

            I hate when stupid people always try to use race. I am asvocate for black peoples but u also know what I saw. And I hate when people keep responding to your comment like they know wtf they’re talking about and not even google wtf I’m talking about so you can at least have an informed educational response

      • the big homie number 1

        the kid was threatened.. the other kid had an oozie… you can’t shot one time at a kid with an oozie.. . and he was all in his pocket.. that was a fight.. and it was serious from the get go… if some is poking you in the face with an oozie at the waistband.. your going to make sure they don’t come back at you again later.. cause thats what happens .. beefs don’t go away..

  • Easy

    He brought this on his Self.Rather be Judge by 12 then Carried by Six ALL DAY WONDER DO HE NEED HELP Getting a Laywer. Need to get him a HELP Him Fund Started….

  • Easy

    Kenneth Mano are you seeing something that we are not Seeing your son wasn’t walking away……plus he was the Aggressor the Whole Time and I have looked at this Clip over and over……..Plus why pull a Gun and Not Use it that’s a Threat in my Book……

  • Easy

    Plus your Son wasn’t Murdered he was Killed in Self Defense

  • Janet Smith

    Was the hog that jumped from the vehicle a family member? If so,did they drive the idiot who was justifiably shot to the scene? If they did,they should be charged as an accessory.Frankly,the world is probably a better place without their little angel.

  • Ryan Corlew

    I feel for the parents, but when you pull a gun on someone, you’re an idiot if you don’t expect them to retaliate.

  • the big homie number 1

    live by the code.. die by it… that was self defense… the kid should catch a manslaughter but not murder.. Frankly,the world is probably a better place without their little angel.

  • jbstoner43

    Even though the shooter was felon in possession of a firearm, he was clearly defending himself. Mano bullied the shooter repeatedly because he thought he had the upperhand by holding that TEK9.

  • James

    Your son wasn’t murdered, he was killed. And as far as I can tell he was killed in self defense. He was the aggressor, he brandished his gun first, it appears he was the one making threats, and when he finally pulled his gun one last time he paid the price.

  • Demetrius

    Was the audio ever uncovered for this situation?

  • kevin

    if that was me I would of most certainly shot that man until he was no longer a threat to me. anyone who wouldn’t is just a panzy or doesn’t care if they do. I am not either so if I feel like its either me or him one of us are dieing, I’m positive I’m gonna make certain its not me..

  • Chicho Blanco

    No sympathy here. You pull a gun, you are provoking a violent situation. The kid will be better off without a sperm donor who thinks pulling a gun is an acceptable response to an argument.

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