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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -Macon’s NAACP spoke to 41NBC about its outrage of a black teen shot in the head on Monday and the suspect’s quick release.

Vernon Markus Jr. was walking down Bloomfield Drive on Monday night with a group of friends when a woman shot at the boys and hit him.

Elisabeth Cannon, 47,  told 41NBC that the boys had been throwing rocks at her home which led her to shoot Markus Jr.  She added that for several days prior to the shooting, the boys would walk by her home and throw rocks at her husband’s car and the house.

Cannon was arrested on bond for two counts of aggravated assault on Tuesday and bonded out later that evening.

Now the NAACP is angry that she’s been released so soon.

“I don’t think she should be out. I don’t think at this point…not in the critical stage that this young man is in. Especially her bond should not have been that low,” said NAACP President Gwenette Westbrooks.

Westbrooks is calling on Judge Randall to revisit the matter. She says just wants to ensure that the case is being handled fairly.

“People have aggravated assault charges that are still incarcerated from 2015. Bond is set so high where they can’t get out, so that’s a concern to me,” she explained.

Westbrooks told 41NBC that she and many others also have questions about whether Cannon’s bond was originally set at $12, 400 or reduced by the judge. She added that the NAACP is working on plans for how to approach the matter moving forward.

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  • Tellit22

    They should be more interested in getting their street thugs out of our decent neighborhoods instead of blabbering about this thug harassed woman getting out of jail!

    • Rodney Price

      Tellit22 is a dumb uneducated redneck just like me.

  • Maron

    NAACP have such hypocritical standards and should refocus their ‘Outrage” to something useful. How about trying to find these young men’s fathers.

  • Cleo

    “Thinking” is not the NAACP’s strong suit.

  • ralphlaw

    People here are sick with the disease of petty tribalism. Focusing on the race of the victims in deciding if empathy is needed.

    Black, White, Asian, Latino, etc. you are all Americans. Human beings.

    And if you don’t see that shooting a 15 boy, regardless of his color, is wrong then you really have lost some of your humanity. And this isn’t meant to be an insult, it’s just a plain fact.

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