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BUTLER, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – On December 19th 2016, Taylor County Board of Education was served with a lawsuit from 284 parents and concerned citizens. They want justice for terminating Dr. Gary Gibson for a reason that has not yet been disclosed.

“We filed a lawsuit which is a matter of public record and sets out all of our contentions at this time,” said Taylor County citizens’ attorney, Roger Land. “Now, once we get into it, through discovery, there may be other elements that are raised, but for right now our position is set out in the complaint itself.”

The Georgia Department of Education says no one can serve on the board if they have immediate family that works for the school district.

Board member, Rufus Green’s daughter-in-law is the principal of Taylor County High School, which would make Green’s vote for current superintendent, Jennifer Albrittion, illegal.

“It’ll mean the Georgia law is upheld,” said Land. “That the nepotism law means what it says it means.”

Land said it’s more than trying to get Dr. Gibson’s job back.

“It’s the 284 plaintiffs that are concerned citizens that think that the board of education of Taylor County has violated, not only Dr. Gibson’s rights but the community’s rights.”

Dr. Gibson isn’t involved with the lawsuit, but knows about the fight.

“In today’s public education world, we have to look at every child for that potential. and that’s what i was trying to do and I’m so grateful that so many of the good adults in Taylor County saw that.”

The school district’s attorney, Brian Smith, said the board did receive the lawsuit and are looking it over. They will take action next week.

For now, Dr. Gibson and the many concerned citizens will have to wait until a court date is set up.



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  • Monica

    Where were these “concerned citizens” when Mr Green was voted into his position by the same said citizens??? If it was no worry for them then that his daughter in law was principal, why is it now???? I have no fuel in this fight what so ever. I am proud to be a Taylor County Viking but there is SO many other things in our small community that needs to be focused on besides this. Like the article says, no one knows the full reason for what happened so why start a fight within the community before all the facts are even laid out? There is so much division within our county. Maybe we should all try to find common ground and come together instead of finding ways to tear us further apart.

    • Wonderingwhy

      Why was Mr. Green allowed to be on the ballot if that would violate the law? This is typical of why our public schools are in such bad condition – no valid oversight, just committee of public-tit suckers collecting a paycheck for doing nothing

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