Macon Rabbi Builds ‘Western Wall of Macon’


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The gates are always open.

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And behind them lies the site of a future religious refuge–a wall.

But not just any wall–a replica of the infamous Western Wall in Jerusalem, where millions have traveled to pray.

“If you’ll come and you’ll put your prayer request into the wall, we will take them once a week and we’ll seriously intercede,” said Greg Hershberg. “And I don’t wanna be prideful, but we’ll cry over those prayers on your behalf.”

Rabbi Greg Hershberg leads the Beth Yeshua International ministry in Macon.

He wants to build the wall because he says his calling is with people.

“I just felt like God impressed upon me to give something back to the community. I just feel like we’re here. And yeah, we could be anywhere because it’s an international ministry. So, we could be in a lot of different cities, but God called us here, and I feel the need.”

Right now, the wall is in the beginning stages of construction, but it will be more than 50 feet long and 15 feet high when completed.

Rabbi Hershberg says the Western Wall was the perfect symbol for a place to pray.

“So we thought if we’re going to make something out there that’s going to designate a place to prayer–not that you have to go to Jeruselem or you have to come to Beth Yeshua International in Macon to pray,” said Hershberg. “God hears your prayers whatever–but we wanted a communal prayer place that everybody can come to in this area–Bibb County and outside Bibb County for that matter.”

So now all that’s left to do is wait–the rabbi says the wall is for anyone, and for any reason.

“And I don’t know the different reasons I’m not here to critique that either, but I do know that when somebody’s going through a horrific time–a loss, somebody dying of a terminal illness,” said Hershberg. “I think it’s nice that they know there’s people praying for them.”

And the Rabbi hopes to spread that same power of prayer throughout Middle Georgia.

Rabbi Hershberg said the wall would be completed in early February.

If you want more information about Beth Yeshua and their mission, check out the Beth Yeshua International website.