Georgia National Fair Goes Green


PERRY, Georgia (41NBC) – There’s magic at the Georgia National Fair and this year, among the sounds of bands and smells of vendor food, will be the sight of recycling bins.

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Fair officials reuse and recycle most of the plastic cans, cardboard and cooking grease, saving money and energy for everyone.

Bins are provided for the vendors to store the grease to be reused. Pamela Gray, “The Best Around” vendor, buys oil by the gallon for her deep-fried food and says the bins are a big help.

“We strain it and get all the crumbs out and we save it and some people come and pick it up and it’s recycled for the environment, some people make diesel fuel with it”

The movement to go green and keep the fair clean, doesn’t stop with the eats. Recycling continues across the fairground from the walkways to the rooftops.

“All the buildings were filled with rubber coating, reflective sunlight that saves on our energy bills and stuff like that, we also changed the light fixture in the barns,” said the fairgrounds physical plant manager Richard Scuderi.

Planning for an event of this magnitude takes a good portion of the year. With an estimated 400,000 entering the gates in Perry to visit both indoor and outdoor events, the clean-up process for Scuderi is just as time consuming.

“During the fair, we recycle close to four tons,” he said.

The fairground crew sifts through the tons of trash to help cutback on the carbon footprint and people can pitch in by simply using the recycling bins.

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