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This Christmas is different for a lot of Middle Georgia families who couldn’t afford to buy presents this year.

That’s why 41 NBC chose the Berryhill family for our holiday miracles. Ms. Berryhill sent us a letter saying she wanted toys for her grandaughters, 9-year old Taylor and 3 year old Trinity. She lives off a check every month, so its for the kids. And groceries for her mother.

That’s it.  She said the times were just so hard. If you go to to the grocery store, you’re looking at $100 easy.  So she said she was just happy with groceries.

And we delivered on both requests.  Dozens of toys under the tree for both girls.  Now, a family’s looking forward to that special day.

Ms. Berryhill says her goal was to make sure her family was able to enjoy the holiday… And today… It’s mission accomplished.

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