Weather Forecast for April 21st, 2014

It's the post-Easter Monday, and it's a dandy.
It's the post-Easter Monday, and it's a dandy.  We're forecasting a high around 78 today (obvious variations depending on where you are in Middle Georgia), and 78 is the average high for this time of the year.  Couple that with sunny skies and low humidity, and things look quite peachy for us, and deservedly so after that wash-out of a Friday we experienced.

However, a front moves through the area tomorrow.  We're getting the tail end of it, and it's not expected to dump a lot of rainfall here.  However, we do see high CAPE (convective available potential energy) with the system, but the wind shear is pretty low.  Because of the CAPE, I'm giving us a chance for t-storms tomorrow.  Severe weather looks unlikely at the moment, but I can't rule out an isolated severe storm yet.

After this system, sunshine returns, and the front is not expected to drop temperatures into Friday, so expect warm temps to round out the week.
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