Weather Forecast for April 17th, 2014

Weather Forecast for April 17th, 2014
This will be the last dry day of the work week, with temperatures remaining below average -- around 66 degrees -- for the high, with high pollen and a breeze at 10 - 15 mph.  Tomorrow is where things take a turn: all models now have the low pressure system in the gulf moving more northward and into Middle Georgia.  The models, from the GFS to the Euro, have a high amounts of rain moving through the area.  The Rainfall Accumulation graphic uses the RPM model, which has 2 - 3 inches of rainfall falling in Middle Georgia.  Temperatures will also be chilly tomorrow afternoon and will struggle to get warm.  I'm taking the temperature models and going a bit below their expectations to compensate for the rain-cooled air we'll get tomorrow.

The fortunate news is instability and wind shear are low, so I'm not expecting thunderstorms and I'm certainly not expecting severe weather in the area.  Things will start to clear on Saturday, leading to a wonderful Easter Sunday.
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