Weather Forecast for April 11th, 2014

Weather Forecast for April 11th, 2014
Warm temperatures and sunshine are featured this weekend, continuing a long dry pattern in Middle Georgia.  However, your 7-Day forecast features an increased chance of rain and storms early next week.  Our next system could bring a decent amount of rainfall into the area (maybe over an inch within two days), and we're looking at a decent amount of shear and a high enough lifted index which can make up for the low CAPE.  In other words (I know the previous sentence sounds wonky), severe weather is possible early next week.  I'm not saying it with 100% certainty, but there is enough of a chance that it warrants continued monitoring from us at 41.

Best case scenario is we get some decent rainfall and some normal Spring thunderstorms, which will precede drier and cooler weather next week.  Let's hope for that!
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