Volunteer Group Cleans Up After Montezuma Tornado; Making Middle Georgia Great

Volunteer Group Cleans Up After Montezuma Tornado; Making Middle Georgia Great

After last Saturday's tornado tore the Henda Farm apart, a very specific group of volunteers were first on the scene to begin cleaning up.

"This is a total disaster here. In other words, everything we'll be tearing down," volunteer Chris Miller explains.

Before any disaster relief was able to make it to the countryside of Macon county, a group of Mennonite men and women were already on scene, picking up the pieces of what was left of the Henda chicken farm.

"We're trying to salvage all we can," Miller says.

The men working here, aren't getting paid for their labor. They're not even charging for the use of the gas for their machines.

"Helping each other whenever somebody has a big disaster...do whatever is neeed."

And maybe it's a little ironic, that the Mennonite community who has stepped up to help, is cleaning up the mess left, on Mennonite School Road.

But some of the men helping, don't live even remotely close to the Henda Farm.

Wesley Martin and Jonathan Moen, made the drive in from Dublin.

"I had the day off, so I figured I'd come help people that are in need," Moen explains. "Jesus told us to help...help our brothers."

Martin says, he is doing what he knows he should be.

"It's not for our own glory, it's to help out our fellow man. We might not receive anything in this life, but it's to help each other out. There's no real glory coming out here and sluggging through this stuff."

If you know of anyone who is Making Middle Georgia Great, we want to hear about it. Send Kyle Warnke an email, describing how someone is making a difference in their community.

Kyle's email is kwarnke@41nbc.com


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