UPDATE: Tractor Trailers Jack Knife Across Monroe County Closing I-475

UPDATE: Tractor Trailers Jack Knife Across Monroe County Closing I-475

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Georgia State patrol are coming to the rescue for Monroe County.

Monroe County Emergency Management Director, Matthew Perry has asked the state for assistance in his county, due to the numerous tractor trailer accidents occuring on Interstate 75 and Interstate 475, according to Monroe County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, Allison Willis.

GDOT has agreed to de-ice portions of Georgia Highway 41 to help traffic to flow, said Kimberly Larson GDOT spokesperson. They are sending work crews to salt the insterstates in Monroe County.

Willis said EMA Director Perry is waiting to hear if perhaps the Georgia State Patrol will assit the sheriff's office with the multiple tractor trailer jack knife and other auto accidents along the interstates.

Interstate 475 south has been shut down from exit 15, to Rumble Road on I-75 north, according to Perry.

The insterstate closure stems from two accidents  involving jack knife tractor trailer trucks, one happened around 10:41 a.m., on the southbound side of I-475 and the second occurred at 10:57 on the northbound side of the same interstate, on Wednesday.

Perry says there have been numerous tractor trailer trucks that have jacked knife in several locations across Monroe County. 

"As soon we see the light at the end of the tunnel somebody else has jack knifed," says Perry. "We have closed I-475 at exit 15 and are diverting traffic on Georgia Highway 41.

But, soon police learned that they had to re-route traffic again.

"Traffic on 41 is stopped," says Perry. "Because, we have a jack knife truck on Georgia Highway 41 at Rock Quarry."

The Monroe County EMA Director says the traffic accidents started in his county around 1 a.m, Wednesday morning, as cars hit black ice and sliding into ditches along Interstate 75.

Another tractor trailer jack knifed around 3 a.m., causing four more tractor trailers to jack knife, along I-75, leaving a chain of trucks mangled into each other.

As Perry, was reporting the accidents to 41NBC, he recieved word of yet another jack knife tractor trailer acident with possible injuries which occurred around  11:31 a.m., at mile marker 187 on I-75 north.

Willis said drivers are encouraged to not travel Wednesday unless it is absolutely necessary. 

"Travel on I-75 is expected to be sluggish and drivers can expect long delays," she said.





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