Transylvania Plates Travel The Country, Making Middle Georgia Great

Transylvania Plates Travel The Country, Making Middle Georgia Great

SANDERSVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - It's likely you didn't even know it, but the state of Georgia has a 'state plate'. Much like we have a state bird or a state flower, Georgia's state plate is an icon for the Peach State. 

There's no one who knows the history of the plate better, than the Transylvania Club's Dianne Mathis.

The plate was conceptualized back in 1932, by Transylvania Club member, Louise Irwin. Irwin wanted to create something that would quickly describe and show off the history of Georgia.

The plates come in two colors; blue and pink. The border of every plate is the same. Each border is designed with long leaf pines, Cherokee roses, peaches, and cotton. But it's the picture in the center of the plate that varies.

With 12 different center designs, each plate shows a different picture of Georgia's history.

One plate is a portrait of James Oglethorpe, the founder of the Georgia colony. Another plate is a capture of Georgia's old governor's mansion.

But perhaps the plates biggest claim to fame, was when Jimmy Carter created a resolution.

"That made the plate the official state plate of Georgia," Mathis says proudly.

But the plate's travels continued. Carter then went on to the White House, and you guessed it, he brought his personal set of plates with him. He used them in his private dining room.

Not only do the plates have a significant historical aspect to them, there's something else that makes them great. Proceeds from the sales of the plates, go directly into Sandersville local library.

And according to Mathis, who by the way was once a school teacher, these plates offer much more than a quick history lesson. The plates are fully functional too.

"The artistic part of the plate is not hampered in any way by this plate going in the dishwasher. We do say though, do put your dishwasher on the 'crystal china' setting," Mathis says laughing.

The plates are not sold through the Sandersville Transylvania Club. However, they can be found throughout middle Georgia from various vendors. To get information about where to find the plates near you, click here for the Transylvania Club's website.

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