Road to Recovery Program is Making Middle Georgia Great

Road to Recovery Program is Making Middle Georgia Great

A program across middle Georgia, is helping cancer patients get to and from their treatments.

The Road to Recovery program is organized through the American Cancer Society, where volunteers drive their own vehicles to get patients to their appointments.

Franklin Freeman lives in Forsyth, Georgia. He was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. His early retirement, suddenly became less relaxing.

"It (the cancer) attacks your bones, it attacks various organs in your body, and that soon results in death," Freeman explains.

His treatment meant receiving a complete stem cell transplant, and put Freeman in the hospital for weeks at a time.

"You can't stand up, you can't walk, you can't do anything much to help yourself after you've got a heavy dose of chemo. You just need a lot of assistance."

Aimee Freeman, is a regular volunteer for the American Cancer Society. She gives her time, by driving cancer patients to their appointments, through the Road to Recovery program.

"We either drop them off...we've gone to Atlanta, we go to Macon. Wherever they need to go."

But volunteering became much more personal for Aimee, when it was her husband Franklin, who received the diagnosis.

Doctor visits to Atlanta became a regular theme in the Freeman's lives.

"At one point, they sent me home, and I'd been home here about five or six hours. And I get a phone call that says, 'we gotta have you back up here, we've discovered you've got fractures, and pneumonia, and infections. And you gotta check back in,'" Franklin says.

But giving up, was never an option for either Freeman.

"The first time you do it," Aimee explains. "You maybe go, 'You know, I really needed to do something else.' You do it (drive) one time, and the feeling you have after that, you don't mind doing it anymore."

"Miracles do happen," Franklin says. "We may not always recognize them, but I think the type of cancer treatment we have today, is indeed a modern miracle."

Franklin's cancer is currently in remission.

If the Road to Recovery program is something you would like to donate your time to, or if you need assistance with your treatment visits, call the middle Georgia American Cancer Society office.

The number is 478-743-6391.

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