Rabies Case in Monroe County Causes Pet Owners to be on High Alert

Rabies Case in Monroe County Causes Pet Owners to be on High Alert

MONROE COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Pet owners in Monroe County are on high alert after two rabies cases were reported in the recent weeks.

Lora Niblett walks her two dogs whenever she can.

She lives on Bentley Drive, just outside of Forsyth, where the Department of Natural Resources caught a rabid fox.

Niblett says she's doing the only thing she knows how to do; protect her dogs from the virus.

"Well we have house dogs. I walk them on a leash so that we can keep them safe," Niblett said.

Wild animals are a normal sigh in the area. The fox came into contact with a few dogs.

"We see deer, we see fox, we see a lot of things come around here. But I love my dogs and I want to keep them safe and there is a leash law in Monroe County so I walk my dogs on a leash," Niblett said.

Becky Merritt with the Monroe County Animal Control says local health departments are urging pet owners to take necessary steps to stay safe.

"Health departments in every county offer rabies clinics twice a year, where they go out into the community and offer rabies vaccines anywhere from 9 to 14 dollars depending on which series you get," Merritt said.

She says signs of animals infected with rabies can be obvious.

"They would foam at the mouth and act very strange, very standoffish and aggressive. They would growl and snap at you anytime you come close to them," Merritt said.


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