Possible Macon city ordinance change could bring 'growlers' for beer drinking

Possible Macon city ordinance change could bring 'growlers' for beer drinking

The popular resealable glass container couldn't be sold in Macon before. But now, that may change.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Beer drinkers everywhere, rejoice!

Growlers could soon be sold in Macon.

The popular, large glass container allows customers to take home your favorite beers straight from the tap.

It’s coming through the tubes, out of the tap and into a growler.

"Oh we're definitely excited...It's a downed economy, and here's a new business starting," said Macon Beer Company President Jeremy Knowles.

Beer hasn’t been able to do that in Macon--ever.

But that could certainly change.

"That takes special legislation because it is a blending of two things that are not supposed to be blended," said Reichert.

Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert and the Macon-Bibb Commissioners tentatively agreed to let stores sell beer in the growlers.

Reichert says the stores are a special blend.

"Number one a license for consumption on the premise," said Reichert. "Dispensing it from a keg into a glass and handing it to you so you can drink it. And number two, a package store where you cannot open it, you leave with it and take it home with you and drink it when you get home."

And the Growler Spot in Macon will be the first store to take advantage of the possible ordinance change.

The shelves here at the Growler Spot are still empty, but soon, you may be able to enjoy all of your favorite beers here in these resealable glass containers.

Macon Beer Company President Jeremy Knowles is pumped for the new store.

"Having another craft beer outlet in the Macon, Middle Georgia area is great for our business and awareness of craft beer in general," said Knowles.

An awareness that spread to the city leadership pretty quickly.

"I just think that having the politicians and the leadership of the city striving to do this really before they had to," said Knowles. "They could have waited, but they took the initiative and that just shows good leadership."

Growler Spot is opening in the next few weeks, so be on the look out for it.

It's located on Northside Drive near Tom Hill Senior Boulevard.

The Macon-Bibb Commissioners will vote to finalize the change in the ordinance at their meeting May 6th.

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