Perry Mayor walks local neighborhood

Perry Mayor walks local neighborhood

Perry Mayor and City Council believe the best way to get to know their city, is to walk through it.
PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - On the fourth Tuesday of every month, Perry Mayor and City Council meet in a different part of the city to walk around a neighborhood.

This is a way for community members to get together with their elected officials and tell them about their concerns.

This month they met at Perry High School.

Mayor Jimmy Faircloth said this started as a simple way to get exercise, but it quickly turned into something more.

"It's one thing to drive through a community or neighborhood or a street. It's an entirely different thing to walk it. You see much more of what's there and what the residents see everyday," said Mayor Faircloth.

One person stopped the Mayor during the walk to ask about two pieces of property in the neighborhood that are in forclosure. Mayor Faircloth noticed one of the properties was in pretty bad condition. He's going to see what he can do to clean it up.

Mayor Faircloth says the next walk will be held in District 3. He wants the people of Perry to come out to these monthly walks so they can work together to better the city. 
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