Peregrine Falcons Thrive Atop Atlanta Skyscraper

Wildlife is thriving atop skyscrapers in urban downtown Atlanta, in particular Peregrine falcons are finding this seemingly unusual habitat hospitable.
ATLANTA (AP) - Far from the remote mountainous cliffs one would expect, wildlife activity is taking place in a downtown urban setting atop skyscrapers.
In a planter on the 53rd floor of the executive balcony of the McKenna Long & Aldridge Law Firm in Atlanta, a mating pair of peregrine falcons are raising a young chick just over 3 weeks old.
Georgia Wildlife Resources Division officials are taking this opportunity to band and document the new addition of this rare but growing trend.
Beginning in the late 1980s, peregrine falcons were reintroduced along the eastern seaboard in both natural and urban areas in an effort to rebuild their dwindling numbers. The urban setting in Atlanta has become a sustainable environment.

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