Newest Jones County narcotics canine handler aims to be best in state

Newest Jones County narcotics canine handler aims to be best in state

Deputy Richard DiPaulo and his dog Allie are teaming up to catch any narcotics that come into the county.
GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - One deputy is Jones County has a new four-legged partner to work with...their mission to catch any illegal drugs and substances that come into the county. 

"She's my partner. She's not just my dog, she's my partner," Deputy Richard DiPaulo said. 

That she, Deputy DiPaulo is talking about, is Allie. 

She's three-year-old Dutch Shepherd that, according to DiPaulo, is one of the best in the state. 

"It's just me and her most of the time in the car just hanging out. I love my baby," DiPaulo said. 

The two recently completed rigorous training to become the sheriff's office's only narcotic canine team. 

"It's very strenuous, it is. It's a lot, a lot, of time. We took four weeks. We was down in Dooly County at South Georgia Canine," DiPaulo said. 

The two had to learn each other. 

After that, it took almost a month of work getting Allie to recognize and point out four different kinds of narcotics.

"Cocaine, marijauna, heroine, and methamphetamine," DiPaulo said. 

Allie receives all of her commands in German. 

"It's a lot of training and a lot of everything so that I can learn my dog, and my dog can also learn me," DiPaulo said. 

The 24-year-old deputy says he and Allie will be the first crew out on any drug-related cases.

"If they suspect that there is narcotics, they will call me and Allie out," he said. 

At the end of the day, DiPaulo says it's all about the relationship he has with his best friend. 

"I would like to be known throughout the state as the best narcotic canine handler throughout the state. If my name gets brought up, I want everybody to know who I am, and how great my dog is because I have a great dog," DiPaulo said. 

He says he and Allie have already been out on cases, and discovered drugs and narcotics. 

DiPaulo hopes he can keep that trend going to make the streets of Jones County safer. 
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