Mercer welcomes new app to help community, students connect

Mercer welcomes new app to help community, students connect

There's a new app out: The Mercer Mobile app. It's designed to help students and everyone connect with the campus.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Some students may feel getting around Mercer University's campus can be a bit of a hassle sometimes--and they have done something about it.

It's helpful, convenient and if you don't have it, it could help you quite a bit.

"This app is for anyone who wants to connect with Mercer," said SGA President Joey Wozniak.

It's the Mercer Mobile app.

"This is all the events that are coming up from August to September--throughout the year that we have set up," said SGA member Christopher Murdock.

Staying up-to-date on Mercer is a simple touch away.

"Now, we have a place where students know they can go to to actually find an event or something to do, whether it's at Mercer or in Macon," said Wozniak.

But not just students--the community can stay in the loop as well.

"So if you're in the community and you want to buy a football ticket, or if you want to get a ticket to one of the shows at the Opera House, you can do that through the app," said Wozniak.

It came together through strong teamwork between the IT department and the student government.

"The big thing was IT was very proactive in talking to us, okay what do you think about this, would you be willing to do this?" said SGA member Melina Hettiaratchi.

Melina Hettiaratchi worked closely with administration to fine tune the app.

"So it was very student-led, student empowered, and IT has been fantastic to work with on it," said Hettiaratchi.

And SGA took it from there.

"I've worked with...some other SGA students and even students outside of SGA just trying to get information on the app, see if it's crashing, see what other things are working with it and seeing what else they thought should be on the application," said Murdock.

The Mercer Mobile app has lots of features--events, maps and the ability to check grades.

And if you want it, it's available for both your iPhone or your android device.

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