Meet Murphy, The Five-Month-Old Yorkie Mix

Not even being paralyzed will stop this guy.
Not even being paralyzed will stop this guy.  Murphy, first off, looks like a Murphy, doesn't he? The poor pup is only five months old but was hit by a car and is paralyzed.  Yet he's still very active and super sweet.  Get close to his face, and he'll give you kisses.

One thing to note: due to his condition, Regenia suggests a patient owner, preferably a household with someone who stays at home.  The reason for this is due to Murphy's bladder issues, which require extra attention.  As wonderful as the dog is, Regenia says it's best to know this beforehand and know what you're getting into and what is required for Murphy so he can get the best care and you don't realize later that you can't make the time to tend to his unique situation.
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