Meals on Wheels Delivers 160 Meals a Day, Making Middle Georgia Great

Meals on Wheels Delivers 160 Meals a Day, Making Middle Georgia Great

A group of volunteers in Warner Robins are using their own time, money, and gas to deliver meals to the homebound and elderly.

Meals on Wheels is an organization that delivers 160 meals every day across Warner Robins. But the efforts are bringing more than just a meal to those who need it most.

The Meals on Wheels warehouse is stacked full of fresh food every day.

"It's kind of like a T.V. dinner," Executive Director Kenny Weaver explains. "It's already prepared."

The meals are brought in, only to quickly be taken out. Volunteers load two coolers full of food; a meat and vegetable tray, along with milk and a dessert.

The meals are then taken to the elderly, or those who are unable to get out of the house and buy groceries.

Frances Wheeler is a regular volunteer. She doesn't get paid for her time, and she uses her own gas to go house to house and drop off lunch.

"I like people, so I just enjoy doing it," Wheeler says.

But Frances also brings with her a little something extra. She delivers a friendly face and smile to go along with the menu.

That's something Maggie Sigman couldn't do without.

"Sometime they're (the volunteers) the only people I talk to during the day," Sigman says.

It's also a relief for Sigman.

"I couldn't affort to eat like that...I don't have to buy meat anymore. That's a big item."

Meals on Wheels is primarily funded by state and federal grant money, but also through donations.

Each meal costs on average about $7.50.

If you would like to help fund, or use your time as a voluteer for Meals on Wheels, you can contact Executive Director Kenny Weaver at 478-328-6070.

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