'Macon Volunteer Clinic' Offers Free Medical Help, Making Middle Georgia Great

'Macon Volunteer Clinic' Offers Free Medical Help, Making Middle Georgia Great

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - The Macon Volunteer Clinic in the Ingleside Neighborhood, is a free family care practice for those who cannot afford health insurance. The volunteer-run clinic offers free doctor visits for medical, dental, radiology, and even prescription drug filling.

For patients like Rhonda Miller, the clinic has been a life saver.

"They don't just treat you as a number, they treat you as a human being," Miller explains.

Miller was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. She cannot afford insurance, even with a job. Since she started coming to the Macon Volunteer Clinic, she's lost weight, got her diabetes under control, and learned how to take care of her health.

Executive Director of the clinic, Cile Lind, explains that all prescriptions for the patients, are given at no cost.

"Last year we had 1.3 million dollars worth of medication run through our clinic, for free," Lind says.

The clinic has been running as a non-profit for 10 years in Macon. It started after a group of doctors made a startling discovery.

"We discovered that there were, at that point...26,000 people with no health care in Bibb County. So we went to work," founding doctor Chapin Henley says.

With zero dollars coming in from the federal or state governments, everything in the office, has been donated.

"We've gotten sonograms, E.K.G.'s, exam tables...all kinds of things," Lind says.

The staff is run by about 100 volunteers, but Lind explains they can always use some more help. Whether it's answering a phone, filing paper work, or a doctor giving time to see patients, anyone is welcome to lend a hand.

To get more information about the Macon Volunteer Clinic at it's services, click here.

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