Macon playwright presents 'Money Game' Sunday

Macon playwright presents 'Money Game' Sunday

A Central High School graduate comes back home to showcase his original stage play.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - A Central High school graduate is returning home as a playwright.

Anthony James will present his stage play "The Money Game".

The play centers around a man who has money issues, which leads to other family problems. It is written and produced by Macon native James and features actor Mel Jackson.

Jackson has performed in movies such as "Soul Food" and "Motives".

"Money Game is about a father who's working too much and he's neglecting his family," said James. "His wife is trying to tell him to stop and smell the roses before he ends up losing his family."

James grew up in Macon's housing projects Tindall Heights and Alphabet City.

He spent 13 years in prison, where he says he learned how to handle money.

"I always tried to be wise with money, but I was never really taught in school how to handle money," he says. "When I began to pick up books and study on my own, I began to get a little philosophy of investing."

James and Jackson became friends five years ago when James sent the actor a computer.

Jackson says he is looking forward to being on stage, Sunday at the Cox Capitol Theater.

"I play the dad that's having some challenges--having challenges at work, challenges with his wife, challenges with his brother, and challenges with his son," said Jackson. "But, I think it's all stemming from him not being able to manage his money properly."

Jackson says he marvels at the Central High School graduate's creativity.

"People like Anthony that have a genuine heart and a genuine passion that will get this play here--he's using his own money, he wrote the script, he's producing, he's directing, and he's doing it in his hometown," says Jackson. "That's what I like to encourage."

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