'Macon Golf for Kids' helping make young golfer's dream come true

19-year-old Karim Muhammad is a talented golfer who may not be where he is today if it weren't for the help of a Macon non-profit.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)  - A 19-year-old golfer will attempt to qualify for the U.S. Amateur Championship later this month.

"Golf is one of the best sports you can do," Karim Muhammad says on a hot summer day at Bowden Golf Course.  "Especially if you're in an environment that you're really not satisfied with, it's a great escape to be able to come out here."

Muhammad first picked up a golf club ten years ago.

"Once you get that first shot and you have your first success at it, you get hooked on the game," he says.

"Karim came with the right attitude," Charles Glover, assistant director of Macon Golf for Kids, says.  "He wanted to play golf.  Everybody would see him swing a golf stick.  We were making sure that he was doing it right.

Macon Kids for Golf supplies everything kids need to play, and it's all free of charge.

"It doesn't make any difference how well you play," Glover says.  "The whole thing about golf is coming out, enjoying yourself, the scenery that's on the golf course, especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon."

The program is designed to help underserved kids in the community.  Muhammad says without it, he'd still be playing...

"But I would be playing with a lot, I guess, dustier clubs," he says with a laugh.  "I wouldn't be nearly as polished as I am now."

It's an opportunity that didn't exist when Glover was growing up.

"Man we couldn't afford golf sticks," he says. "We had to go out on the golf course to find golf balls.  Right now, what's happening to him now--he doesn't have to worry about anything."

For Muhammad, the extra help has paid off.

"My game has improved a lot," he says.  "Especially since getting with Macon Golf for Kids, because they've helped me to be able to get better coaches instead of just dealing with practicing on your own.  You can get good practicing on your own, but you get better when you have people helping you and teaching you how to play."

If you'd like to get your kid involved in the program, contact Charles Glover or Sam Macfie at Bowden Golf Course at 742-1610.

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