Macon father speaks on daughter's death

Macon father speaks on daughter's death

Leroy Jarrell talks about his daughter death, and why he believes crime will actually go down.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - One Macon father is speaking out after his daughter's death....she was shot and killed in May. 

I sat down with him to talk about his memories of her, and also what positives can come from tragedy. 

Leroy Jarrell says as the days go by things get a little easier. 

His daughter, Arika, was killed in May and Bibb county sheriff's deputies spent months catching all of the suspects involved. 

"I know that won't bring my daughter back, but we're just happy that he has been apprehended," Jarrell said. 

Jarrell says the last several weeks have been a blur, but now he's back on track. 

he adds, when he got the call his daughter was gone, he was in disbelief. 

"It was rough at first not knowing what happened. since we found out more details about what had happened, it comforted us more," Jarrell said. 

After spending several minutes with him, leroy's face brightened up every time you mention Arika's name.

"She was good daughter and everybody just loved her," he said. "She was a lovely person, just full of spirit, she loved everybody. she had plenty of personality."

He says the large amounts of violence in the area has to stop. 

He thinks it will...adding no one wants to see their loved ones killed or put in jail.

"We're thinking that situation is going to make a difference," Jarrell said. 

Although for Leroy, he's left with memories...

"It's getting easier, it really is" he said. 
Ones he says he'll hold on to for a lifetime. 

"I still have my moments, you know. the rest of my family as well, but we've accepted it and we're just trusting in the Lord," Jarrell said. 

All four men believed to be involved in Arika's death are in jail at the Bibb County L-E-C. 
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