'Laughing Pizza' Invades Local Schools, Making Middle Georgia Great

'Laughing Pizza' Invades Local Schools, Making Middle Georgia Great

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -They are a mom, dad, and daughter who travel the country to sing songs and teach kids about making good decisions in life. They go by the name Laughing Pizza.

If you're wondering how they came upon the name Laughing Pizza, all you need to do is meet the trio. They laugh nonstop, and they love pizza. Somehow along the way in life, Billy and Lisa inherited the nickname of Pizza. The two met years ago as musicians on Star Search and fell in love with one another. Billy and Lisa loved to laugh, but when they had to meet with executives where they knew they had to be serious, they had codewords to remember not to laugh. 

The words? You guessed it. 'No laughing', and 'no pizza'. Keep a straight face.

When Billy and Lisa had a daughter, they started a band. They wanted to show how much fun life can be, and parents and kids hanging out together can be fun and cool. So naturally, the name of the band became the couples' favorite words...Laughing Pizza.

"Everyone loves to laugh, everyone loves pizza, for the most part. And they're both best when they're shared with somebody. So that's our mission, to share our music with other families."

Did I mention the family's last name yet? It's Pizza. No, really.

While spending their day in Forsyth at K.B. Sutton Elementary School, the Pizza's share with the kids through music, that no matter how they feel about life, it helps to write about it. It helps to get their feelings and emotions out.

They also show them how important it is to get outside and play and move around. A message Rebecca Johnson took to heart.

"I can play with my puppy and get some of her energy out, so she's not awake all night keeping me up," Johnson says.

If you want to catch Laughing Pizza in action, the group is in Macon this weekend. They are performing at the Cox Capitol Theatre on Sunday, March 18th at 3:00p.m.

To get more information about Laughing Pizza, check out their website by clicking here.

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