Lake Tobesofkee visitors try to beat the heat

Saturday marks the first day of Summer, and the weather didn't surprise folks at Lake Tobesofkee.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Saturday marks the first day of Summer, and the weather didn't surprise folks at Lake Tobesofkee.

"Yeah, it's real hot," said fisherman Wesley Brockman.

"You're out in the open and it's hot," said frisbee golf player Reese Pitts.

Temperatures were in the mid-90s Saturday at the lake.

"We just wanna get in the water and just beat this heat. Cuz it's really, really, bad today," said beach-goer Ashley Law.

But not bad enough.

"We like getting in the water and the boats come by and we like to catch the waves on the boats," said Law. "That's our favorite thing to do out here."

Because it didn't keep these Middle Georgia residents inside--they're at the beach.

"Yeah, yeah it's great," said Law. "You get to stay in the water and you get to act like you're in the ocean with waves."

Or, they're fishing.

"It's called night worms," explained Brockman--his bait was live worms. "Yeah, I'm sitting here trying to catch minnows, fishing, playing in the water."

They may even be playing some frisbee golf.

"A lot of courses have a lot of shaded areas so it's kinda easier to stay cool once you get in the woods and everything," said Pitts.

People were trying to stay cool in whatever way they could.

"Drinkin water...and getting in the water," said Brockman.

"They just need to stay cool, and have sunscreen on because it gets very very hot out here," said Law.

"Man you gotta dress light and drink a lot of water--it's hot," said Pitts.

Sounds like the key for them is a bit of water.

"Definitely...you have to stay hydrated," said Pitts.

And there's a whole lot of it out at the lake.

Dr. Cassandra Wilson, a pediatrician, says if you do feel overwhelmed by the heat, get out of the sun and drink some water.

Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness and fatigue.
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