Jones County Sheriff's investigators searching for phone scammers

Jones County Sheriff's investigators searching for phone scammers

Jones County Sheriff investigator Kenny Gleaton says one victim paid $5,000 to a phone scammer.
GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Jones County Sheriff's investigators are on the look out for phone scammers.

The scammers are hitting their victims for large sums of money, and the crime has been on the rise in Jones County since Feb. 28, according to Jones County Sheriff's investigator Kenny Gleaton.

One resident lost $5,000 to phone scammers, said Gleaton.

The phone scammers identify themselves as a local, state, or federal officers and tell their victims they owe money for not paying a fine, or for not showing up for jury duty. Then they threaten their victims by telling them they have to pay up or go to jail.

“We would just like to make sure the citizens understand no law enforcement agency no local, state or federal law enforcement agency will ever take any kind of monetary payment over the telephone for fines," said Gleaton.

The phone scammers instruct their victims to purchase a debit card and give them the card number over the phone.

One woman purchased a $474 Walmart money card, after she was contacted by a phone scammer. The phone scammer claimed she owed the money for missing jury duty. She was told to call a toll free number and give the numbers on the money card, or go to jail.

"I personally find it quite exasperating that someone would use the public's trust in law enforcement to actually pull a scam over on them,” said Gleaton..

The Bibb County sheriff's office recently made an arrest in similar phone scams.
But, Jones County investigators say there are no links to the Bibb County suspect in their phone scam cases.
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