Jolly Nut Company closing its doors after 90 years

Jolly Nut Company closing its doors after 90 years

Jolly Nut Company's owner, Kay Meyer, says after all of this time it's time to close up shop.
FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - One Fort Valley store is closing its doors after 90 years of serving pecans and other gift items to thousands of people.

Kay Meyer says it feels right.

"It just seemed like 90 years was a good stopping place," Meyer said.

Her store, Jolly Nut Company, has stood the test of time for nearly a century.

"My three brothers at some point in time have played a part in it and then my husband and I came in 1975," Meyer said.

Jolly Nut has been a part of Meyer's family since the early 40's when her father took it over.

Since then, the company has grown a huge fan base.

"We've had the most unbelievable outpouring from our customers who are very upset with us and very happy for us," Meyer said.

The rusted, two story building sits in the middle of Fort Valley.

Inside, there's Georgia products in every corner from salted or sweet pecans to hand woven baskets and even sauces from Savannah.

"We're going to miss that a lot, and we have wonderful customers from Fort Valley and Peach County and all through the state of Georgia, middle Georgia especially," Meyer said.

That was Meyer's goal from the very beginning; to provide customers with "gifts from Georgia."

When she closes her doors for the last time she says she'll remember the people who came inside each and every single day.

"Many of them and even the seasonal people have been year, you know, they come back every year and that's been a huge part of our successes," Meyer said.

Successes that Meyer are aware of, leaving her with nothing but gratitude.

Meyer says items are flying off of the store shelves. She says she wants everyone to come and check out the store before they close up shop.

Jolly Nut Company closes on September 1st.

For more information, head to Jolly Nut Company's website.
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