Good Samaritan Ministry Gives Food, Utilites, Help To Passersby, Making Middle Georgia Great

Good Samaritan Ministry Gives Food, Utilites, Help To Passersby, Making Middle Georgia Great

BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - When it comes to helping someone in need, the Good Samaritan Ministry run by the Byron United Methodist Church, is a staple for people to lean on.

"We help meet the needs of the people that are struggling in Byron," Chairwoman Jacque Hale says.

Meeting the needs of the community, happens more than just Sunday mornings at this church. It's happening with loaves of bread, cans of fruits and vegetables, spaghetti, and whatever else the Good Samaritan committee can get its hands on. 

"Whatever their needs are, we try to figure out how to help them get through times when they're struggling," Hale explains.

Putting food into bags, is only just the beginning of this ministry though. The church gives financial assistance, money for gas for unemployed to look for work. It has even provided the occasional hotel room to give someone a roof over their head. 

Pastor Baxter Hurley, says it's easy for his congregation to want to get involved.

"It's easy for us as a church to stand behind the security of our little facade here, and preach nice themes. But it's a different measure entirely, to get active in the community and try to make things better," Hurley explains.

None of the work is required, nothing is budgeted. Whatever the congregation gives, is what people get. And there has yet to be a time, when the shelves are empty, because the church hasn't stepped up to help.

Hale says, it's all about being there when someone needs a hand.

"A heart for people...just to help people that are struggling."

The Good Samaritan Ministry is open to Byron residents Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. Volunteers will help direct those who are not residents of Byron, where to go if they need help.


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