Fort Valley After School Program Continues On With 'Making Middle Georgia Great'

Fort Valley After School Program Continues On With 'Making Middle Georgia Great'

The Tabor Heights community has a special way of helping out the kids of the neighborhood, with an after school program.

Placed in the middle of the Tabor Heights Housing Authority, sits the Community Center. Every Monday, the center is transformed into a make-shift classroom.

But this isn't just another after school program for kids. The students are part of a special collabortion between Fort Valley Housing Authority, and the Peach County Family Connections Group.

"Since Tabor Heights is the target community, the after school program is held here," Tenant Services Coordinator Antonio Little explains.

Because the young learners live nearby, students like Jaquavion Avant, have easy access to extra attention.

"I just really get into math."

Volunteer Angela Warren, has been providing that extra tutoring attention for eight years.

Warren is also a resident in the Tabor Heights community.

"I see our children struggling, and a lot (of people) will bring it on the teachers. But it's not the teachers' fault. It's our fault as parents, and aunties and other relatives," Warren says. 

She spends her time teaching subjects like math, reading, and writing. But also explains life lessons to the young minds.

"The kids get along better, they share."

Little says, the tutoring program wouldn't be the same without Warren.

"All the kids know her, and they all love her...She's been really key to the success of this program."

And Warren says her commitment to the students, will last as long as she does.

"I'm going to keep doing this as long as I have breath in my body...I'm going to keep doing it."

An average of 20 kids attend the tutoring program each week at the Tabor Heights Community Center. The program is set up to closely follow the guidelines of the Peach County school system.

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