Forsyth Partners With UGA To Fix Downtown Parking

Forsyth Partners With UGA To Fix Downtown Parking

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - A city rich in history and culture--Forsyth's downtown centers around a square, where shops and a live theatre create a small town feel.

But every small town has big events, and parking can sometimes be a hassle.

Sometimes, it takes an outside thought to bring a brand new spark.

"I'm just hoping that by planning or doing this small changes it will regenerate or reinnovate those energies and bring those energies back," said Agrawal.

That's what the Forsyth downtown development authority is hoping to get in the coming months.

Forsyth is one of six cities who got to partner with the university of Georgia to bring two budding city planners to help develop downtown--two UGA grad students.

"This downtown is so beautiful and it has so much history associated with it," said Agrawal.

Shrudi Agrawal is one of the two students brought down to help Forsyth--especially it's parking situation.

"It's always been a problem," said Khoury.

Downtown Development authority executive director Loraine Khoury says the city needs a big overhaul in its parking lots around downtown.

"You know we're built around a square and that's limited parking because of the courthouse in the middle," said Khoury. "But we have identified some areas that we can do additional parking."

Some of the other target areas include the Monroe Co. Administrative building, the Monroe County Hospital, and the parking around the Board of Education building--all high traffic areas.

So help is on the way--Forsyth residents can rest easy knowing a student's outside spark has lit a fire of change in the city.

While the changes will take years to be fully implemented, Khoury hoped parking for the annual Forsythia Festival during the Spring would eventually be much easier--bringing this small town, a big town feel.

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