Duo is Making Middle Georgia Great by Building Homeless Shelter Expansion

Duo is Making Middle Georgia Great by Building Homeless Shelter Expansion

Two workers in Warner Robins, have undertaken an enormous task. The Reverend John Thomas, and Raymond Ochoa, are building an addition to the Community Outreach Service Center.

And they're doing it almost entirely by themselves.

The shelter serves as a temporary home to men, women, and children. When those who need help come through the doors, Rev. Thomas says, they won't turn people away.

"People come with great needs. People come just as zero...without. And people need help," Thomas explains.

But the shelter needs to expand. From the goodness of people's hearts, Thomas says, the shelter receives donations of things like clothing and appliances. The problem is, they don't have the storage to house those gifts.

Now, Thomas and Ochoa are building a storage house for those items. A building 50x40 feet, with a bathroom, two office rooms, and the large storage area.

The two do get occasional volunteer help, but have been working almost exclusively on the project for more than six months.

The four walls are up, but the roof only has half of its rafters up, the interior is still just beams, and the team doesn't know where they are going to get all the supplies to keep working tomorrow.

"We go one day at a time. When someone gives us some money, we go buy some materials," Thomas says. "How, when, we don't know. We just trust God. But when people support us, it does make a difference."

Ochoa has been laid off from work for several months, and figured he would volunteer his time and skills to the shelter until something comes along.

"The sweat that pours off of me doing this is an honor. It's just a pleasure doing it."

Both men work together nearly every day, doing what little they can with what little they have.

Once the building is complete, the donated items the shelter cannot use, will be sold, to raise more money for the shelter. Thomas says the sooner the building is completed, the sooner they can sell those donated items, and use that money to help more people.

If you would like to help the Community Outreach Service Center in Warner Robins, Thomas says they can use anyone who is willing.

He asks that you would call him at 743-237-4323.

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