DNR Conservation Site Encourages Georgians To Enjoy Nature, Making Middle Georgia Great

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - If getting outside and enjoying mother nature is something you're up for, let the DNR's 'Non Game Conservation' program, help show you the way.

Based in Forsyth, on the south shoreline of Lake Juliette, the office of the DNR has a program, to teach people how to plant wildlife, attract wildlife, and bring us a better understanding of why wildlife is important to our eco-system.

In fact, the point of the Non Game Conservation, is to promote any plant or animal that is not a hunted species. Things like native flowers for bees to pollinate, bird feeders to keep birds nearby, a make-shift bog for turtles, are just a couple of the learning tools you can see at the office.

There is even a path that leads to Lake Juliette, with marked posts, explaining how the land has changed over the years, what it is used for, and how our middle Georgia landscape is vital to maintain not only for the human species, but for everything living around us.

DNR Program Manager, Jim Ozier, says educating the public about the importance of maintaining our system, if often under valued.

"We (the DNR) look at it like a big picture," Ozier explains. "A big system here with lots of components. We feel like we start losing those components, we're not only jeopardizing the environment that supports us all, but we're possibly jeopardizing our own future as well."

To get more information about the DNR's Non Game Conservation program, you can read more by clicking here.


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