'Daybreak' Bringing Community Together, Making Middle Georgia Great

'Daybreak' Bringing Community Together, Making Middle Georgia Great

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - If you've ever walked down Walnut Street in downtown Macon, walking toward the main entrance to Central City Park, you may have noticed in years past, an unsightly brick building on the right hand side of the road.

That unsightly building, has recently undergone a radical transformation, not only on the exterior, but its interior as well. And there's even more change happening, than to just the brick and mortar.

The building is now occupied by the non-profit that goes by the name, Daybreak. It's a place for homeless to come and find some rest, and a place to make the steps toward getting out from under the burden and struggles of living in poverty

Daybreak runs under some very simple rules, according to Daybreak Director, Sister Elizabeth Greim.

"We're using four words: rest, resources, relationship, and renewal."

Once an abandoned warehouse, the building now resembles more of a coffee shop, and has everything needed to provide those four R's. 

Sometimes, that 'R' looks like a couch to catch some rest. Other times, it's a sink if you need a shave. It's a laundry machine where someone will wash your clothes for you, it's a breakfast to get your morning moving. It's even a shower to freshen up.

"If we can provide those things, in this setting, we really believe that we'll help people to become more employable, and eventually, for someone living by the river or who's living in a warehouse, to say, 'maybe I don't need to be here anymore,'" Sister Elizabeth explains.

Daybreak was born when Sister Elizabeth realized, that the homeless tend to isolate themselves from the community, and the public tends to isolate them as well. It's her goal, to reverse that.

"It's not just become a place where homeless people gather," Sister Elizabeth remarks, "it's become a place where the whole community gathers."

Volunteers are often seen serving, or maybe just lending an ear.

"This is not a 'not in my backyard' mentality. This is a 'hey, what do we need to do to help these folks to become more productive members of society? How do we help everybody do better?'"

To help Daybreak or to get more information, email Sister Elizabeth at sr.elizabeth.greim@depaulusa.org.


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