Community gardens sprouting up around Fort Valley

Community gardens sprouting up around Fort Valley

Do have a green thumb? If you do, Fort Valley's the place to be.
FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Do have a green thumb?

If you do, Fort Valley's the place to be.
Gardeners across the city have started multiple community gardens.

It's a process with a tasty reward.

"But when you're actually out there digging in the dirt, planting the seed or planting the plant, nurturing it, watching it grow, and then you're actually cultivating it and picking it yourself, then you eat, you will get a better understanding, greater understanding--and a better liking and reward for all of your labor," said Garden Adviser Frank J. Muhammad.

And residents in Fort Valley want a bite.

"We've had about 62 people sign up," said Veggies In The Valley member Pat Alston.

Four community gardens have "grown up" quickly in the city, inviting anyone and everyone to plant.

"I thought well you know, people could grow their own food and really save in that way, and that's a wonderful thing," said Alston.

Alston partnered with some friends to form Veggies In The Valley, helping the city start the gardens.

"We all live in different parts of the city so, you take a section, I'll take a section, and let's figure out what we can do to attract the people there," said Alston.

The idea started with Veggies In The Valley, and now it's going to take a little hard work and playing in the dirt to put the idea into motion.

Frank J. Muhammad volunteers each week to teach gardeners.

"Whatever you do, I would volunteer and come down and assist you any way I could," said Muhammad.

Muhammad knows a thing or two about gardening--he's a farmer by trade.

"From where you're going to place the garden, what you're going to grow in them, who's participating, how everything would transpire," said Muhammad.

A place to plant and farmers to teach--sounds like a place for tomatoes and some knowledge to grow.

Mayor Barbara Williams said she strongly supports the gardens.

If you want to get involved, you can email or call Veggies In The Valley.

It's or call 478-302-0591.
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