Cochran Business Owners Have Mixed Reactions About Walmart Possibly Coming to Town

Cochran Business Owners Have Mixed Reactions About Walmart Possibly Coming to Town

COCHRAN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Walmart may be opening up a store in Cochran, and some local businesses have mixed reactions about the retail giant possibly opening its doors.

McDaniel Pharmacy has been around for the past 27 years.

It's a staple in downtown Cochran.

The store's owner, Trent McDaniel, is a second generation pharmacist who works day and night, making sure his customers get his best.

He's a little hesitant about Walmart possibly bringing a store to the city.

"I really do think it's a good thing overall because Walmart brings business to town, but as far as me being a pharmacy owner in a small town that does concern me," McDaniel said.

On Monday, the city of Cochran sent a news release approving site development plans for the store.

The plan calls for a more than 69,000 foot supercenter in Cochran.

McDaniel says if a store opens up, it'll be steep competition, but he says his prices will keep customers coming.

"If you have insurance, I feel like your price here is exactly the same no matter where you go, if you have no insurance, my pharmacy price will be as well if not better than Walmart," McDaniel said.

Other stores like the Tomato Shack aren't worried if the retail giant comes to the city.

Manager, Chasity Francis, says she's sure the customers will keep showing up to taste fresh produce.

"We have some pretty unique things, we have some awesome metal, just lots of cute things that's unique here in Cochran that people like and I don't think it's going to hurt us a bit," Francis said.

McDaniel says his pharmacy will stay strong and try to do things to set them apart.

"We have really good service, we offer delivery service, and packaging, and personalized trays, charge accounts, all things that Walmart can not offer, I think that's a really good plus for as and that's why I think the community should continue to support me and the local pharmacy in town," McDaniel said.

Cochran officials say the approval of the site plans, doesn't guarantee Walmart will build a store there.

The city will inform the community if building permit applications are received from the retail giant.


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