Celebratory gunshot victim urges people to keep guns away this 4th of July

Celebratory gunshot victim urges people to keep guns away this 4th of July

Jenni Rowe was shot on her porch last 4th of July and she's thankful to be alive.
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - As middle Georgians prepare for 4th of July festivities, law enforcement is urging everyone to think twice about celebrating with firearms. 

"My son could be without a mother," Jenni Rowe, a gunshot victim, said. 

She says she's lucky to be alive. 

"I have three boys they all could've been without a mother," Rowe said. 

She was shot in the chest last year on her porch on Independence Day. 

Jenni and her mother-in-law were looking at videos on her cell phone. 

"Next thing I know, we're hearing popping, and I thought it was fireworks at first," she said.

Then it all changed...

"I stood up to show my mother in law the video, and the next thing I know, I got hit," Rowe said. 

She says she called 911 before passing out. She was taken to the Medical Center where she spent several days in intensive care. 

The 29-year-old mom is thankful it was her who was hit, saying the situation could have been worse.

"If I hadn't of stood up when I did, my son behind me, and his bouncer, it was like a jumparoo, and he would've gotten hit," Rowe said. 

Bibb County sheriff's deputies determined Jenni was caught up in celebratory gunfire, and investigators don't know who fired the shots. 

Lt. Ellis Sinclair says he and other deputies plan on patrolling areas throughout the entire holiday, to prevent situations like Rowe's from happening again. 

"We're going to be looking for spotting, and if anyone ,you know, is taking out there firearms," Sinclair said. 

He says the safest thing people can do is to call law enforcement if they hear what sounds like fireworks nearby. 

"First contact us, and let us come out to assess the situation to see if it is gunfire or if it is fireworks," Sinclair said. 

For Jenni, her injuries are a constant reminder for how celebrations can lead to tragedy. 

"If I can prevent one person from getting shot because of celebratory gunfire, then I'd be happy," Rowe said. 

She says she has flashbacks and is in therapy. 

If you hear what sounds fireworks in your area, call your local law enforcement.
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